Biogas Engine

Biogas Engine

Biogas engine for developing economies


  • CTL has worked with micro-AD global leader Sistema Bio to demonstrate generators in Kenya and is now commercially supplying CAGE 6KW biogas generators to UK, India, Africa and Mexican projects.
  • Opportunities for CTL in Sub-Saharan Africa and many developing economies, where much effort being made to develop practical biogas production solutions to use local waste processed on site. On-site waste processing and energy production is a cost and environment sweet spot for biogas. There is widespread use of diesel generators for off-grid power: air quality is severely impacted and diesel cost is very high.
  • The market for the use of gas from AD and landfill sites has been strengthened following The Global Methane Pledge at COP26. This aims to reduce methane emissions by 30% over the decade to 2030.

More markets

CAGE engines are designed to use net zero compliant fuels including hydrogen, e-methane, synthetic butane/propane or bioLPG.

CAGE Technologies is focussing on sub 100kW systems with initial products developed for high volume 6-20kW sector.

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