Our engines provide a plug and play solution for biogas produced from anaerobic digestion and residual landfill gas. Our scalable technology currently serves the 2-25kW range and sets new standards in exhaust emission control and fuel efficiency. Engines operate with gas containing 45% or higher levels of methane and produce performance similar to equivalent size diesel engines.

CAGE light duty biogas engine for small scale farmers in developing countries

  • Gensets can be integrated as plug and play with micro-scale agricultural anaerobic digestion to produce power and organic fertiliser. CTL is confident that its biogas engine provides a novel solution in the marketplace.
  • CTL’s solution is simple to use, tolerant of fluctuating methane/CO2 concentration and easy to manage, especially in cold start situations. Traditional biogas engines are inefficient, have uncontrolled emissions, cannot run on poor quality gas and have a short service life.

CAGE light duty biogas engine for specialist users in developed economies

  • CTL provides one of the first solutions to be viable for small scale operations, such as, for onsite food waste conversion, legacy landfill sites, water and sewage treatment plants:
    eg. Landfill gas and other waste management providers currently use diesel engines to power their gas management equipment. These can be replaced by CTL biogas engines thus saving cost and reducing air pollution.

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