Replacement of diesel engines

Replacement of diesel engines

CAGE Technologies is focussing on sub 100kW systems with initial products developed for high volume 6-20kW sector.

  • Through CTL’s engagement with large construction groups, including Costain, EKFB, Mace and Farrans, it is clear that the industry is seeking cost effective alternatives to today’s diesel gensets in the immediate future and that also provide a means to transition to net zero.
  • All new non-road mobiles machines must meet EU Stage V standards to limit particulate and NOx emissions from 2022. London has a progressive regime with a goal for all non-road mobile engines to be Stage V by 2030 and to be zero emissions by 2040
  • Outside of London, the UK largest infrastructure project, HS2, already requires non-road mobile engines to meet Stage V emissions standards and has a policy to eliminate diesel from their construction sites. CTL has weekly meetings with HS2 clean air team
  • From April 2022, use of red diesel in the UK was being phased out in a number of applications such as construction, waste management, airports and ports
  • In the US, strict emissions standards are in place. These are likely to be tightened in the future and California will ban sub 19kW petrol engines in 2024 where there is a current fleet of 16million engines.

More markets

Biogas engine for developing economies


CAGE engines are designed to use net zero compliant fuels including hydrogen, e-methane, synthetic butane/propane or bioLPG.

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