CEO Paul Andrews accompanies Prime Minister Theresa May on her trade mission to India

Oaktec CEO Paul Andrews accompanies Prime Minister Theresa May on her first trade mission to India

After a pre visit briefing at Downing Street, representatives of the 40 companies flew to India. The Prime Minister used the flight to chat to the delegates and learn more about their businesses.

A busy schedule saw delegates attending a number of events and receptions. Particularly important was the India – UK Tech Summit in New Dehli, which the Prime Minister used to set out her vision for the UK and its role outside the European Union.

Paul was highly impressed with the three-day trip, saying:

“This has been a truly amazing opportunity for us. Our technology is very relevant to many large global markets that rely on off-grid engine-powered generators for electricity supply, offering a clean, low cost alternative to highly polluting diesel generators.

India has a severe problem with air pollution, but it also has an existing gas fuel supply chain. This creates a fantastic market opportunity for us, and for the Indian industrial partners that we are engaging with that can help us manufacture in the large volumes that this market demands.

I met a number of excellent contacts on the trip, and the support provided by Government, such as the Department for International Trade, has been invaluable.”

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